Identifying Opportunities.

To frame the change.

We appreciate to advise your business setting the course in special circumstances, like corporate restructuring, or yourself, the principal, to design the group structure for a future after your retirement. In both cases, questions and challenges are more fundamental by nature. Our approach, therefore, is more general, holistic and open with regard to conclusions or results.

Company Succession

A company succession shall anticipate your intention in any aspect: such a concept has to combine legal and tax issues with even more important questions, i.e. corporate governance or cast of management, including trusts and group holding structures. Last but not least such a concept needs to be explained within the family in order to grant acceptance. No case is like another, let us talk about it.

Corporate Restructuring

When we accompany a corporate restructuring process our focus is primarily on the financial engineering aspects in order to strengthen corporate cash flows and optimizing the working capital. We appreciate to act as a „sounding board“ when coaching the execution of the actions planned.

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