Identifying Opportunities.

Expert Opinion

An expert opinion may help to come up with a decent plausible decision. Legal courts, chambers of commerce and other arbitrating institutions, banks and industrial groups prefer such experts who prove to have practical experience in transactions rather than a pure academic approach. Opinions are given by Robert Weidinger in his capacity as accountant according to the highest professional standards. We are not giving tax advice, nor do we accept audit assignments and, therefore, we are clearly free of any conflict of interest.

Opinions include:


Mediation is a fairly new instrument to balance conflicting interests. The mediator is jointly assigned, strictly uncommitted and independent. He is, however, not an arbitrator, but rather that aims to develop a solution which is acceptable to all of the involved parties.

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by Robert Weidinger
German Chartered Accountant

by Pia-Maria Weidinger
Qualified Mediator (StW)